Generator set for farming industry

Генераторна установка для сільськогосподарської промисловості

The scale of the modern farming industry is constantly increasing, the degree of mechanization of farming equipment is gradually increasing, and power supply has become an indispensable part. The power supply system of breeding enterprises is generally city power (as the main power supply) + generator set (used as a backup power supply). In daily life, the city power is the main power supply, but during the peak period of power consumption or when the city power fails, the city power supply is insufficient. At this time, the generator set has to start to generate electricity to drive the electric equipment of the breeding enterprise to work. Therefore, breeding enterprises must make full preparations to ensure power supply. Diesel generator sets have become an ideal backup for breeding enterprises.

Shandong Huali Electromechanical Generator Set for Animal Husbandry, the common power range is 50-2200KW, the product performance is excellent, the operation is stable, the noise is low, the fuel consumption is low, the emission is low, the efficiency is high, the reliability is high, and the environmental applicability is good. Need to provide reliable and practical power solutions, which are highly sought after by farming enterprises.

In addition, the generator set added with the Huali Cloud service control module can monitor the operating status and parameters of the generator set in real time on the computer or mobile phone, and control its start, stop, operation, etc.